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Thanks for visiting my blog.  Here you'll find a mixture of everything I enjoy, whether it's bikes, motorcycles, photography, mens/womenswear, architecture, food, beer, design, travel or good ol' can probably find what your looking for using the Labels section located on the right sidebar. 

If you would like to use a photo, feel free.  All newer photos after mid-2011 should have some sort of link back to the original author.  I got a lot more organized over the years. Please, any personal photos of mine link back to the blog.

About Me
Hello my name is Vanessa!  I'm a night-school engineer student, a worker by day, and a blogger in between!  I like to keep busy by biking, trying out new restaurants, drinking a ton of coffee, and crossfit-ing!  I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA.  Get in touch!


If you are interested in advertising on the blog, having a sponsored post written, or interested in having a particular product reviewed, please send an email with more details.
From January 2015 - On, any sponsored post will be indicated as such. *S*

Email me:
v w a l k e r 1 (at) g m a i l (dot) c o m  
[no actual spaces in the email address, this is to ward off spammy-spammers]

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