Saturday, January 9, 2021

Christmas 2020 at Longwood Gardens


Longwood Gardens is a magical plant paradise located in Kennett Square, PA. On a whim, one chilly December night, we decided to look up ticket prices and head over. Turns out if you think you're going to visit more than once a year, a membership makes the most sense! We did it - wow, I feel like a real adult. "Me?" "Why, yes, I am a fully-fledged botanical gardens member, at your service." In order to get the full effect, read that in a snobby accent of your choice. 

I know it's already 2021 and many have taken down the last hints of Christmas, but wanted to share a snapshot of a fun evening out. The light show and grounds were absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to see what the next season has to offer. 

Longwood Gardens - site

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