Friday, October 31, 2014

Taylor Stitch Townsend Democratic Denim

Taylor Stitch Townsand Democratic Denim

Taylor Stitch Denim Kurabo Mills

Taylor Stitch Denim Kurabo Mills

Townsend or Townsand?? Link

Taylor Stitch Denim Kurabo Mills Detail

Taylor Stitch's now archived "Townsend Democratic Fit" Kurabo Mills Indigo Denim is a solid home run.  Before I could get a post up, and I may be behind the times on this one, TS has since discontinued this particular jean.  Fear not, they have plenty of other styles to choose from--for men.  Being a lady, it is sometimes frustrating to buy quality selvage denim.  I do like skinny jeans and a little "give" to the fabric, but sometimes I want a solid pair of no BS pants!

The Taylor Stitch Democratic Fit is perfect for me because it wears like a boyfriend jean.  For guys, it is described as being a little looser than their regular sizing.  The 13.5 ounce denim is heavy duty and hard wearing.  I ride my motorcycle in these and they're durable and warm. Did you see the sick pocket details?  It's a map of San Francisco on the inside!

Hopefully TS will work on women-specific denim in the future, but for now this pair will do.  I'll try to post within the next year to highlight the fadings and such as it occurs. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Moto Update

1977 Yamaha xs400

Last Sunday was an exceptionally beautiful day, perfect for riding.  A little crisp, but tons of sunshine.  Gloves felt just right, jacket properly zipped and snug feeling.

Current state of the moto: running but not perfect.  Anyone that owns a bike that's 30+ years knows the struggle.  She has come a long way, check out an older picture here.

The Bike:
1977 Yamaha xs400
Diamond Coker Tires
Dime City Cycles Exhaust

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Beer Review (38): Philadelphia Brewing Co. Kenz O'Lantern

Philadelphia Brewing Co. Kenz o'Lantern

BreweryPhiladelphia Brewing Co. Beer: Pumpkin Ale | Beer Advocate Score: 73 Abv: 4.5%

A darker, hazier beer than expected when I poured it into my pint glass at the Corner Foodery on Sansom Street.  Lots of ginger and spice flavors, a palate-pleaser for all pumpkin beer lovers.  This one surprised me because I tend to gravitate away from PBC beers.  I would have it again and loved the design on the bottle.  Brewed in the Kensington area of Philly, they coined a nice name for this one, the Kenz O'Lantern.  Very cool.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Mackintosh x Band of Outsiders Coat in Black Watch

Mackintosh x Band of Outsiders Coat in Black Watch

Mackintosh x Band of Outsiders Coat in Black Watch

Mackintosh x Band of Outsiders Coat in Black Watch
Um, yes.  This is just about the best thing I've seen all season in terms of rain coats/outerwear. Mackintosh and Band of Outsiders collaborated on a whole line of goodies. The subtle fading of black watch at the bottom, the green cuffs, the classic silhouette, what's not to love?!

History--Charles Mackintosh developed a unique cloth that spread rubber over cotton. In 1823 it became the world's first formal waterproof cloth and the original Mackintosh coat.  It seems to have garnered a bit of attention: here

And if you need a new instagram to follow, check 'em out here.  

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Beer Review (36 & 37): Stoudts Pumpkinfest & Uinta Punk'n

(1) BreweryStoudts Brewing Co. Beer: Pumpkin Lager | Beer Advocate Score: 80 Abv: 4.5%

Stoudts Brewing Company is a Pennsylvania brewery located in Adamstown.  They have a pretty solid selection of beers and I cannot remember disliking any one in particular.  The Pumpkin Lager is new to their lineup and a fairly nice beer.  I enjoyed it very much, but wasn't overly impressed. There are just bigger pumpkin players out there.  I must be spoiled by the Elysian Night Owl, my favorite so far.

(2) BreweryUinta Brewing | Beer: Pumpkin Ale | Beer Advocate Score: 76 Abv: 5.0%

I think this was my first Uinta beer, ever!  It's not a local brewery and calls SLC, Utah home.  I'd drink it again, but again, not blown away by sweetness or spice--not much there.  Anyone out there have a different opinion on this one?

There are many, many more pumpkin beers to share on here!  I've been busy!  Do you have a favorite pumpkin variety?

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Shore Line Featuring Chris Akrigg

Here we have Chris Akrigg, bike extraordinaire,  taking on the sandy shore aboard Mongoose's fat bike, Argus.  Check out a little different bike action than you may be used to. Hit play.

Check out his Vimeo page and get hooked.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Logcabineer Website


One of my absolute favorite corners of the web, Logcabineer, has recently received quite a facelift.  Though I did enjoy the extremely simple layout of the old site, this is an absolute beautiful update. If you've never been to the site, prepare yourself for some exquisite photography. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gifts for Men from UnCommonGoods

Gifts for Men, Dads, and Husbands from UnCommonGoods

A new #roundup of goods coming your way this month.  I like to plan ahead for the holidays and think through some of the gifts for various folks in my life.  So this year UnCommonGoods has really been a huge help.  They're an online retailer cataloging products from all kinds of designers, crafters, makers, small companies and other sources from all walks of life.  For every purchase made, UnCommonGoods is committed to donating $1 to the non-profit of your choice.   Learn more about their Better to Give program

What we have here is a little gift guide for the dads, husbands, or men in your life.  Guys who care about quality.  For the men who aren't afraid to hop on their long boards and grab a pack of beer on a Wednesday night, click here for gifts right up their alley.  For dads who aren't afraid to keep the annuals and perennials going strong in the garden you can start your search here.  And for the husband who is putting the final design touches on his garage or den, check out some of the best products to keep his cave looking cool.

For the men in your life who deserve a little extra, get 'em something good.

Long Boards
Great Lakes Topo Art
Fire Hose Tool Roll
Glass Guitar Picks
Terra Time Watch
Record Clock
Steampunk Coffee Mill
Upcycled Handlebar Bag
Kozo Pipe Lamp
Sommelier Beer Glasses
Birch Handle Potting Scoop