Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mikkel Soya: Photographer, Writer and Adventurer
by Mikkel Soya from "A fat summit attempt"
I love mountain biking.  I love camping.  So does Mikkel Soya and he captures his adventures with some of the best photographs I've ever seen.  I love checking back to see if any new outdoor pursuits were documented, especially this time of year when I need a little more motivation to get out on the mountain.  Check it out!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

From All Around the Web

Girard Avenue House. November 15, 2014

1. Check out this kickstarter for Hendo Hoverboards.
2. Ginger McCabe's 1977 XS400 motorcycle 
3. A really great book by Steven Johnson, The Ghost Map
4. This adorable fox photo from Nat Geo
5. In case you missed it, Philae Comet Lander info
6. This Denim shirt/jacket by Ardour
7. Mat's great photo and write up, here
8. This recipe for a sweet treat that does not require baking
9. Living vicariously through Astrid's Mallorca vacation pictures (yay film!)
10. A movie that'll make you want a pint or three.  Love this!
11. Getting cold, but I got the bike out a week ago
12. Hope you're following me on Instagram!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Beer Review (39): Port Brewing Anniversary Ale

BreweryPort Brewing Company Beer: Imperial IPA| Beer Advocate Score: 91 Abv: 10%

#Tbt to this summer when I took so many pictures of beer bottles and forgot to share them with you!  Here we have the very memorable Anniversary Ale from Port Brewing.  Crispy, light, and full of citrus flavors.  A very hoppy brew that will please your taste buds on a hot summer's day...or trick your cold, wintry self into thinking its summer!  Rated highly on Beer Advocate!

Definitely a complex beer with a lot to offer.  If its still up on the shelves wherever you are, don't pass it up!  

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Velo Orange Six Pack Rack

They've gone and done it!!  Velo Orange unveils the beautiful little Six Pack Rack of your dreams.  Made out of stainless steel and available in polished alloy (above) your ride is gonna scream "party bike" with this one.  I'm so pumped about this accessory.  I bet you know what I want for Christmas.  Perfect for storing all those sweet brews I talk about so often. #BeerReview

Message me if you want to mail one my way!

Monday, November 10, 2014


Featuring rider Jared  Graves atop the Yeti SB6 Carbon.  This is a beautifully filmed and edited piece.  Really enjoyed watching it during my morning coffee.  Hope you like it!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Universal Works Knitwear

Universal Works  Sweaters Marled Red Wool British Menswear

Universal Works Sweater

Universal Works is a British clothing brand that mixes heritage wear with modern silhouettes.  Their AW14 collection is one of my favorites of the season.  Timeless and wearable feel to it. They have a nice range of accessories that would pair nicely with your quilted coats for the season or tweed.

The leaves continue to fall and turn.  One good rain should be able to clear the limbs for the season.  I can't complain too much, I love wearing layers and enjoying hot beverages.  Now to stock up on some sweaters...

Friday, November 7, 2014

To Pom or Not To Pom?

Pom Knit Hats, Beanies, Winter Accessories

Knitwear everywhere!  It's time to cover up those locks and keep your head snug and warm for the season.   It's always nice to upgrade your hats for the season, but what to choose, what to chose?!  Why not both, c'mon! More Winter #Roundups coming soon!

1. Flag Beanie - Han Kjobenhavn - Here ($67)
2. Navy Dots Pom Beanie - Primitive - Here ($30)
3. Double Cuff Fair Isle Beanie - Chamula - Here ($75)
4. Bobble Beanie - Scotch & Soda - Here ($32)
5. Diamond Bobble Hat - Fred Perry - Here ($86)
6. Navy/Red Stripes Saint-Henri Watch Cap - Raised By Wolves -Here ($21)
7. Cable Knit Beanie - Norse Projects - Here ($70)
8. Winter Beanie - Julia Rio -Here ($48)
9. Navy/Burgundy Marl Dog Sled Pom Beanie - Belief - Here ($26)
10. Logo Beanie - Stone Island - Here ($128)

Which one would you pick?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cycling Caps

Bicycling Magazine cycling caps

Bicycling Magazine cycling caps

I recently picked up a monthly subscription to Bicycling Magazine.  Now, I'm not a lycra-wearing road cyclists, an extreme mountain biker (though I dabble), or a cross rider, but I do love reading about gear and news from the professional front.  The center fold this month could not have been more appealing, hundreds of cycling caps through the years and a nice little write up to justify the wearing and history of the cap.

I have a few caps hanging around and used to wear them in colder weather while on the dirt trails or when it rained.  I have to admit that though guys can for the most part pull off wearing the cap, it is much harder for women.  Do you agree?   Maybe I have a funny shaped head.

I've read a dozen or so articles about the history and "how to wear" guides for the old casquette.  Here's my favorite how-to guide over at Cycling Tips.

What are your thoughts on the cycling cap?  Do you wear it solely while riding?  Or is it okay to accessorize your daily wear with it?  Are you a collector?

It's raining here in these parts, but you enjoy your weekend wherever you are!