Monday, January 26, 2015

Currently in Philadelphia:

Despite the dangers of the Noreaster we are due to experience here in Philadelphia, there are still plenty of things you can do in the event of the snowstorm.  Always have a contingency plan!  I daresay that those who do not plan in advance will surely find the bread shelves empty.  

There are three very important ingredients for a successful snow day:

1) Ensure that you have enough scotch to get you through a couple of days.  At least 14 days. just in case.

2) The classic bread, milk and eggs is only important if you plan on having a French Toast (Pajama) party, of course!

3) Embrace the snow and get on out there!  Bundle up and wear a smart pair of boots!

What gets you through a snow storm?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Boot Obsession | Visvim GORNERGRAT MID-FOLK

Boot Obsession | Visvim GORNERGRAT MID-FOLK
The GORNERGRAT MID-FOLK is available in black, brown, and sand.  This is from the F/W 2014 collection by Visvim.  This is a nice, fresh approach to the chelsea boot.  I'm obsessed!

Do you have a shoe/boot obsession this winter?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Ride Journal | Past & Present

The Ride Journal is a compilation of bike stories and pictures for the avid cyclist.  We're talking mountain, randonneur, lycra-wearing, racing, track, mud--everything you want a fine bicycling journal to cover, Apart from the wonderful content and killer images, 100% of the money made on the journal is donated to various charities.  You may download (for free) past issues and purchase new releases, here.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Beer Review (42): Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery

Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery

BreweryDogfish Head Brewery Beer: Brown Ale | Beer Advocate Score: 95 Abv: 7.2%

Hey all you guys out there!  This here is my favorite nut ale on the market so far.  I'm not a huge fan of Dogfish Head, I know can you believe it, but this one takes the freakin' cake!

It's perfectly balanced with sweetness, nuttyness, and a bit of an alcohol punch.  You will enjoy this, You will want more.  You will not believe how yummy it is!  Have I turned you into a believer yet?

This is a scotch ale/pale ale hybrid.  We are calling it an American Brown ale!  I call the damn thing a nut ale to be simple.  As you can see it pours a deep brown color with a flat tan head.  Very, very good.


As a side note I am currently doing a 24-day challenge diet.  I'm on day 7 of the challenge and really, really, really, missing beer!  Can you tell from this post?? ;)

Friday, January 9, 2015

USPS Batman Forever Stamps

USPS Batman Forever Stamps

USPS Batman Forever Stamps

USPS Batman Forever Stamps

USPS Batman Forever Stamps

USPS Batman Forever Stamps

The iconic superhero Batman has been issued on a new batch of USA Forever stamps.  Debuting in October 2014, the Batman forever stamps feature four versions of batman and four versions of the bat signal.  Protecting Gotham like never before!  Comic book heroes and collectors alike will want to scoop up this sheet. Here.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

From All Around the Web, Part 3

Muffin the Dog - Winter 2015

We've finally had a cold snap here in Philadelphia, PA.  A little bit of snow fell earlier in the week and Muffin could not be more excited!  Here are a few things on my radar this week:

These Snacking Squirrels
Mat's visit to Birmingham
- This very real and reflective post by Tee
- Mountain Biking/Snow Posts over on Yeti Rides
- Still loving this Winter Warmer Beer
- A Great Sale over at Mr. Porter
- Limited Edition Shinola Bikes!
- This beautiful video of the Dolomites
- Ariele Lasko's Instagram and woodworking

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Hungarian Forest Cabin

Hungarian forest cabin built in two days by T2.a Architects

Hungarian forest cabin built in two days by T2.a Architects

          Hungarian forest cabin built in two days by T2.a ArchitectsHungarian forest cabin built in two days by T2.a Architects

Hungarian forest cabin built in two days by T2.a Architects
Built by T2.a Architects 
This beautiful cabin is housed in a forest just outside of Budapest.  Designed and built by the team at T2.a Architects.  Using prefabricated paneling to reduce costs and shorten build time, which by the way only took two days, the architects were able to piece together an idyllic getaway cabin for the client.  Certainly a dream home for sure!

For more pictures: here

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Classic Clarks Wallabees Review

Clarks Wallabees Maple Suede

Clarks Wallabees Maple Suede | Side

Clarks Wallabees Maple Suede | Bird's Eye

About Mid-November the hunt for a new casual shoe was on.  Since my foot injury in July (broken left foot), I've needed a shoe with lots of support.  The Sperry boat shoes just would not suffice anymore.

I love the Clark Desert Boots I have, but they are all beat up and too well loved to wear to work.  So the next logical, ahem, "step" would be to browse the other Clarks offerings.  The Wallabee is a fantastic shoe.  I've taken the liberty of breaking the shoe into a couple of categories and rated it.

Support: 4/5
The crepe sole is as comfortable as can be.  Unfortunately the classic, bare bones upper offers little in the way of structural support around the top of the foot and ankle.  This is still acceptable though, not going to run a marathon in these bad boys or anything.

Color: 5/5
Use Clarks main website to determine color.  I looked on Zappos and other sites to see the accurate depiction of the Maple color and their main site was the most accurate.  The Maple color is a beautiful tan and goes with a lot of stuff.  Careful wearing new denim with these, it will bleed onto the shoe!

Toughness: 4/5 
If you have ever worn a crepe-soled shoe you know that they are indestructible.  The suede portions of the shoe are sewn together firmly and the lace holes are holding up well.  All-in-all the only other thing to do is to waterproof your suede and you're set!

Click the jump for pros and cons: