Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Montreal was great.  It is a very French city with a lot of great architecture and things to do.  Parc Jean-Drapeau is home to Bucky's Geodesic dome.  We took the Ferry across the St. Lawrence to go to Ile St. Helene even though it was a more expensive route (the metro will take you there for $2.75).  Mont Royal on Montreal proper was a great hike/walk with an outstanding view of the city.  Old port was cute with cobble stoned streets and traditional buskers on the street.  Lot's of accordions, people.  Basilique Notre-Dame was so beautiful inside, don't walk away just because there is a fee to see it.

Montreal is a great place to practice your french.  I am sort of sad that I couldn't use more, but I really should've brushed up on it before going.  In centre-ville it is not a big deal to be an anglophone primarily (and it really isn't anywhere), but a lot of places confront you with a Bonjour (Bonzzhour if you're french canadien) except for center city.

Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to see the Botanical Gardens or the Olympic stadium up close, but we packed so much in a few days that I am still tired!  For you coffee drinkers out there I would suggest Cafe Myriade in centre-ville.  Cafe Neve was also cool and hip, but not top notch compared to Myriade.  A sweet little cafe called Toi Moi served me up a great crepe and what else could you really ask for?  For beer drinkers: there is no selection here, turn your car around or just bring it.

Overall The city was a great treat.  Even the signs were neat to look at.  The houses were beautiful and the streets were clean.  The parks were very nice and the poutine was top notch.  Nom!

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