Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today I stepped outside and was greeted by some of the most delightful fall weather so far this year.  I made a dash to my obligatory stop at one of my favorite coffee shops, Nook.  I settled for the Guatemala Guaya'b, reminiscent of a peach meeting coffee and they meet a flower, bam, yum.  I then couldn't help myself and got, yet again, a lemon poppy seed scone (extra icing), remember that its not bad for you, just necessary fuel.

I made my way towards the park, because, people, what better way is there to enjoy a lovely day and a scone? Oh and they're hanging the seasonal lights in the park!  I love this time of year!

I dropped a little bit of this and a squirrel was eyeing me up for quite some time.  He got so close that I could hear his fat-squirrel breathing.  Ballsy.

This man really seemed to enjoy the park as much as I did today.  He played some harmonica jams for 15 or so minutes, filled up all of those empty benches with an audience and quietly bowed out.  Cool.

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