Monday, December 13, 2010


'greenwashing manual' system

algae filtration

This is great.
valentina karga: greenwashing manual

the main elements that trigger the system is water and sun. water can be collected from the roof when it rains through
the gutters and stored in tanks. using a filter and proper maintenance of tanks with water is drinkable.
the clean water goes to the sink. whatever is spent for washing dishes and vegetables leads to a cistern
where it can be reused. the toilet waste is transported to the burner biomass. there may also be discarded remnants
of food and excess biomass of algae after the extraction of oil.

the biomass, after the fermentation process, gives biogas, passing through a boiler, heating water for radiators and showers.
the radiator may only be used in conditions where solar energy is lacking (i.e. when the solar heater cannot operate).
biogas can be used for cooking when there is not enough solar energy to power the solar oven.

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