Monday, December 20, 2010

We will call this surprise weekend for a number of reasons.  First and foremost this weekend trip home was to surprise my dear friend Sam.  She has returned from Scotland and I am sure she is feeling bittersweet about it all.  Coming back from a world filled with cobblestones, accents, strange, new and exciting sights, friends and memories that will last a lifetime is probably a little sad.  I hear she had a wonderful time and I truly wouldn't expect anything less from her.

Before we set out to giggle with friends and reminisce about the months past, I stopped off at my Dad's to leave him a Christmas care package-- cookies, candy and love.

I left him a note and promised to see him soon, this week in fact.  Is it too early in the post to say, "Merry Christmas?!"

So Siena (is awesome) and I drove from Philadelphia to greet our tired and jet-lagged pal, Sam.  I was a little worried that the huge snowstorm  in  the UK would postpone our surprise visit, but the stars aligned and everything worked out.  It was nice to arrive that evening and give her a big hug.  There really is nothing like a great hug and tight squeeze.  It's that feeling you get when the cutest puppy walks by you on the city streets and you want to squeeze it, yes, it's like that.

So the next morning came and all of our sleepy faces arrived at the town's greasy kitschy breakfast stop, The Beagle.  Lots of friends and laughing faces always turn this town back into a home for me, no matter how long I've been away.  

Like I said, this weekend surprised me too.  I suppose it's those treasure you walk by in your life and never realize that end up being a wonderful surprise once you pick your head up and look around.  That happened to me.  Of course I know that there are great little sights to see in NEPA, but growing up there you can overlook these things.  

And these things:

And friends, of course.

Thanks to Siena for driving me around so I can take pictures. Oh, and for having the most delightful parents that fill your friends up with tea and biscuits before driving home.  

Even if you can't spend Christmas with allllllll of your loved ones this year, try to get home and do so.  You may be surprised at what you find if you just enjoy each day and every moment a little more.  I am looking forward to this week even more now, sigh.  So welcome back, Sam!  and Merr...I mean, Happy Christmas.

For now, back to the grind.

Photos provided by my tech-savvy and stylish LG Voyager 2009

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