Wednesday, October 19, 2011


shiver me timbers...
In Medieval times, many European houses were half-timbered. The structural timbers were exposed. In the United States, harsh winters made half-timbered construction impractical. The plaster and masonry filling between the timbers could not keep out cold drafts. Builders began to cover exterior walls with wood or masonry.

 During the 1800s, it became fashionable to imitate Medieval building techniques. Timbers were applied to exterior wall surfaces as decoration. False half-timbering became a popular type of ornamentation.

The house shown here is an especially fine example of Victorian Stick architecture. Designed by architect Frank Furness, the house has half-timbering.

Frank Furness is also responsible for over 600 buildings in and around Philadelphia, PA.  Maybe you recognize the buildings below?

Academy of the Arts

Fisher Library

Girard Trust now home to the Ritz-Carlton

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