Friday, November 4, 2011

The Black Watch

First time wearing the wool blazer this season.  I know it will be 56 degrees this afternoon, but what the hay.  The last picture makes the fit look really bad, but it's just me extending my arms to take a shot.  I love Black Watch probably has something to do with my affinity for all things Scottish.  Check out more about this at Valet Mag.  Also, if you're not into the whole blazer look, try this scarf found from SuitsandBoots and The Black Watchman.  

Black Watch: The regiment's name allegedly came from the dark tartan that they wore and from its role to "watch" the Highlands. "Black Watch" was originally a nickname for the 42nd (Royal Highland) Regiment of Foot, but was used more and more so that, in 1881, when the 42nd amalgamated with the73rd Regiment of Foot, the new regiment was named "The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)". The uniform changed over time, but the nickname has been more enduring. The regiment adopted the royal motto of Scotland's Stewart monarchs, Nemo me impune lacessit (no-one provokes me with impunity).

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