Tuesday, November 29, 2011

France: A friend's perspective

I met a great group of people away at college in a small town in Western, PA.  Truly, I really have been inspired by them to explore new things, open my eyes to the joys around me and just, well, sometimes, get a little crazy.  One person in particular is Kelly.  She has been away in France working, exploring, eating, laughing and (probably at some point) crying.  Her adventures have been documented in her blog (here) so that everyone back home could get a glimpse of life as a farmer in SW France.  And surely so she could document her time there for herself.  
I'm inspired by Kelly's trip and excited when she describes her time in different regions.  There aren't enough nice things to say in the world to sum up how happy I am that she was able to go and do this.  If you are looking to find a little inspiration today, read Kelly (and Colin's) blog.  

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