Monday, January 2, 2012


Well, it's here, 2012!  Just like that a new year begins and it seems everyone around me is attempting to conquer their resolutions.  I for one can't say that I've given it too much thought this year...until today.  Maybe it's due to this past week or *ahem weekend, but I think I've solidly narrowed down what I'll attempt for the new year.  Drum roll...I'm going to become a better, fancier, snobbier, drinker!  Ta-da!  I'm always up for suggestions.  Whiskey and beer is the preference.

Whether or not you think that's good enough, I'll keep the interwebs updated as I attempt to find the best whiskey and beer during 2012.  

Also, I'm going to NYC next weekend and need to find some great cocktail places...

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  1. and yes, I've been to the Ranstead Rm for a cocktail


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