Wednesday, July 25, 2012

London to Erase Banksy's Olympic Art?

"In cleaning up London's graffiti for the Olympics city authorities threaten to squelch the work one of its biggest celebrities, the street artist Banksy, but on Monday the secretive graffiti artist showed he wouldn't be deterred from creating Olympics-related art while the whole world is watching. " -The Atlantic

Some obvious differing opinions at the end of the article, but a fan of graffitti or not, Banksy's "work" requires context and time for it to really hit home, and it does.  Without the context, it's just a stencil on the wall with some political value.  It makes you think a little and is usually pretty fun to look at.  I'm a fan, but he probably wouldn't care either way if London erased it, it would be expected and an opportunity to express himself again.

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