Tuesday, July 3, 2012

War Bikes

"Judging by the photos of the bike from the first world war. Now the bike used in the Swiss army. Each of the three buildings is the Swiss Army Field Regiment soldiers armed with anti-tank-cyclists, granatamëtami and manual machine guns. The design of the bike was designed in 1905, and since then only slightly changed. After the second world war on bicycles have drum brakes, in 1984, Faro and the rear position the reflector. In 1990, the Swiss armed forces command has developed a defective software "Bike 1990" General requirements for the new bike: weight 22 kg; 2 transfer bus with retro-reflecting surface and the wheel of modern forms. A quote from the book of Victor Maslov "kataû himself". "

Check out this site, a great resource for WWII bicycles and pictures.

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