Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill

SHHHHH... Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill

Shhhhh...Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill

Shhhhh...Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill

Shhhhh...Woodcut by Bryan Nash Gill

Consider for one moment the changes that a tree goes through and all that they overcome to morph from a tiny seed into a tree towering above you.  Drought, harsh weather, strong winds, animals, invasive species, disease, many succumb others hold fast and grit through the harshest environments and thrive.  These stages are captured in each print, a canvas symbolizing the tree's changes by it's rings.  Woodcut is beautifully done.

Bryan Nash Gill's original prints vary in size but some measure to 4 FEET.  Now, for those of you interested in the work of Gill, consider the book as a small glimpse into the actual world of cross-section tree/wood printing.  This book is 10''x10''inches apprx. and is about a half an inch thick.  Chock full of meticulous prints of various wood species and text to accompany the pages.  I would consider this to be one of those books that I always wanted but never pulled the trigger.  Thanks to my sister for the great birthday present, I look forward to going through each page slowly but surely.

One review sums it up, "If you want to grasp the special sense of time and change held in the hearts of trees, buy this book."  

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