Wednesday, November 14, 2012

4th Street Cafe and Coffee: Old City Philadelphia

4th street cafe
Bad picture by me, good place recommended by me.

Stopped by 4th Street Cafe by chance a few weeks ago for a change of pace.  Old City seems to be completely void of any decent coffee.  Sorry to those diehard Old City Coffee fans or Ole' fans, I just cannot do it.  So imagine my delight when I stepped into 4th street and they have Intelligentsia brewing!  Giddy!

Normally I frown upon Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving has passed, but it was so flipping cozy and adorable in there.  A+

If I haven't sold you yet, every 6th coffee is free if you join the coffee club.  Small brewed coffee $1.50.  Add a quarter as you increase the size.  Sold.

  • Brewed coffee: 4/5 stars.  Usually two blends going, house and featured blend
  • Espresso Based Drinks: ???  Haven't tried them out yet.  I'm hesitant because they have their machine back in the kitchen which would make me think they don't put a lot of emphasis on high quality pulled shots.  I have been wrong before, though!  And I am no expert!
  • Bagels: South Philly Bagels, can't go wrong!  French Toast bagel at SPBagels #amirite
  • Sandwiches:  ??? Haven't tried them out, look good but skeptical of Le Bus.  Are they for sure Le Bus?  I did bad research
  • Breakfast Sandwiches:  ??? Look Bangin' and smell yummy. 
I heard today they will be putting a new menu (?) or adding new items to existing menu soon.  Guys, I am totally into this place!  There is a bunch of seating, nice leather couches and more!  Oh, and it's totally clean!

Did you know: The 4th Street Cafe is the retail component of VCTI (the Veterans Culinary Training Institute).  You can follow 4th street @4thstreetcafepa on Twitter. 


  1. I'm a patron there in the morning before going to work and during lunch. The coffee, teas, sandwiches, pastries and soups are the best. The atmosphere is quiet, clean and cozy. The staff is warm and friendly. A+ in my book!!

  2. Awesome, Kamau, I'm so glad to hear it! In fact, I was just in there a second ago grabbing an afternoon pick-me-up!


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