Friday, November 9, 2012

Glove Guide for Winter Work

Glove Guide for Winter Work

It's getting chilly out there and you have to protect your hands!  Whether you work outside all day, hang out in an office cubicle, or whatever you do, there's a glove or mitten for the job.  I commute every morning by bicycle to work (rain, shine or snow...unless I wimp out) and there's nothing more important in the morning than a good pair of mittens (and some noggin protection).  When I'm home for the holidays I always get sucked into some firewood cutting, tree job or something in the bitter cold and end up ditching my handgear for a pair of leather mittens my dad has had for more years than I've been alive.  Not a huge fan of gloves while handling a chainsaw, but there are some fine gloves coming from SwedePro.  Plus they are a cheap alternative to those lobster claw-like gloves the bike sites always push.  Do you use any of the glove/mittens mentioned or prefer something different? 

Looking for a more everyday guide to mitten wearing?  A more sartorial approach?  Check out this article over at kempt.

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