Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Divine Lorraine: Is it worth it?

The Divine Lorraine

There have been many reports that the Divine Lorraine will finally be restored to it's original grandeur each time it passes to a new developer.  The years continue ticking away and the building sits at Fairmount and Broad, neglected, gutted, and long since scavenged away to nothing but bare, dirty walls. 

No doubt that within a 3 block radius, Broad street has seen some recent revitalization from restaurant developers, but north of the Divine Lorraine and behind stands a Salvation Army, a shady gas station, vacant lots, and a big church across the street.  Do you think that Eric Blumenfield, the same guy that developed Lofts 640, can turn this project into something this time (with public funds)? 

I say, why not a mini mall.  Or a Sheetz! Give the people what they really need.

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