Thursday, January 24, 2013

From another season

I posted about my trip to the orchard last fall, but I thought to share some of the film photos I took. The original post in October contained pictures all taken with i4s so I had to follow up with the good stuff.  There really is something special about film, it's an ongoing learning process, one that forces you to take your time and really think about what you want to capture. 

Recently I've started to make my decisions sort of like taking a picture.  Step back and really take a look at the situation.  Does it feel right? Would it look better in a different light?  Am I looking at this the right way?  I know, sort of a cheesy way to compare life decisions to picture taking, but it's so true!

So here's a couple links I thought to share with Winter in mind:

The  Lost Wolves of New England-NY Review of Books

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival

Snowboarding-Adventure Sports Journal

Hot Chocolate Recipe-Orangette

Stay Warm!

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