Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rundetaarn: The Round Tower in Copenhagen, Denmark


As you may have noticed I am currently obsessed with Denmark and surrounding Scandinavian countries.  The Rundetaarn is a really cool structure built in the 17th-century in Copenhagen, Denmark.  This was an architectural project by Charles IV built to be used as an astronomical observartory. Іt іs mоst noted fоr іts 7.5-turn helical corridor leading tо the top, аnd fоr the expansive views іt affords оver Copenhagen. 

The inside is void of steps and has a spiraling ramp all the top.  This allowed for the transport of heavy equipment to the top of the observatory to be rolled to the top rather than carried up steps. This design was also  chosen to allow a horse and carriage to reach the library, moving books in and out of the library.

The Rundetaarn is still in use as a major tourist attraction and concert venue.  Danish cyclist Henrik Djernis won a bike race against Jens Veggerby inside of the tower in 50.02 seconds!  Boom!

View from Rundetaarn: Oresund Bridge
View from Rundetaarn: Oresund Bridge

I posted about this bridge here.

Have you every visited the Rundetaarn?  Would you suggest this as a must-see when visiting Copenhagen?

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