Monday, February 18, 2013

Beer Review (8): Pyramid Brewery Snow Cap Winter Warmer

Pyramid Breweries Snow Cap Winter Warmer

Brewery: Pyramid Breweries | Beer: Winter Warmer Ale
Beer Advocate Score: 80

A well-crafted traditional British style winter warmer ale.  Thick, oak-colored and slightly spice-laden.  This is my first from Seattle based Pyramid Breweries, Inc and not my last.  7.0% abv. 


  1. Have you tried HUB's Abominable Winter Ale? I wrote about it on my blog. That shit is delicious. But I'm off the beer, so it's all Old Fashioned's for this guy ;)Anywhoo. Pyramid is just a hop and a skip from my house. I'll have to stop by and score a six pack... you know, for when I'm back on the beer ;)

  2. I haven't tried the Abominable Winter Ale but it sounds like it needs to be added to the queue! This was my first from Pyramid and I was hesitant because of the mixed reviews I read on the net, but man, it was tasty! I'd say if you can't have beer, Old Fashioned's are the next best thing!

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