Monday, April 29, 2013

Sierra Designs Hurricane Rain Jacket Review

Sierra Designs Hurricane Rain Jacket - On the bike

Sierra Designs Hurricane Rain Jacket - Women's

Commuter Bike

A bit of Spring showers and morning mists can't keep me off the bike.  I pulled on my newly acquired Sierra Designs Hurricane Rain Jacket for the occasion.  First and foremost the jacket didn't break the bank or require countless hours of research, but it did have to be breathable and waterproof.  I checked out REI and they had just the jacket, on sale, in a bright color with all of the right specs.  Here's what I found out:

3/5 Stars

There are under arm zips for ventilation, but otherwise a pretty sealed shell.  The nylon ripstop fabric is nice and light, but the actual level of breathability leaves me wanting more.

5/5 Stars

Absolutely worked like a charm.  Stopped all of the rain and weather that was thrown at it.  I took of the jacket and with a quick shake, flicked all of the excess water off.  According to Evo Waterproof ratings, I would say it's between 16,000mm - 20,000mm.  I couldn't imagine it as 20,000mm+ based upon the nature and quality of the fabric, but I haven't had extreme enough weather to test it.

3/5 Stars

I'm really lazy when it comes to returning clothes for the correct size.  I'm impatient.  But, even though this jacket runs large, I decided that it would be good for layering once it starts to get colder.  As a shell for warm weather, it's a bit bulky.  The cut is a little too feminine for me (I hate when the bottom flares out) and the picture on the website is a bit misleading.  Just show me a front view of the jacket!

4/5 Stars

Super cheap closeout price on REI.  $49 dollars plus a pair of socks to earn free shipping, can't beat it.  I would never drop $80 bucks on this.

Overall opinion, the jacket was cheap enough to let it's lack of breathability slide.  It's kept me perfectly dry and is super lightweight.  I see myself wearing this a lot for hiking and as a rain jacket.  I'm not super excited about the fit, but it will work out and be handy in the Fall/Winter.  I would recommend to everyone to spend the ~$50 or so and pick up a waterproof shell for cycling, it makes the morning commute a lot more tolerable.

Stay dry and have a great Monday!  Oh and there's a men's version of the jacket too.


  1. Very good for the price, water resistant is a must for the old cycling game

  2. This is my first waterproof shell for cycling, it is a treat not to be soaked when you show up at work!

  3. It's less than year old and degraded inside lining.....I'm sad I love's lightwt....but have to say REI cashier said the dierra designs are worst quality.... an u imagine a cashier saying this ....south side pgh PA 15203 store...1.14.2016....young blonde....look like hiked but 50 miles in her entire needs fired .....not someone should be cashier
    At outfitters store....not informed opinion.....


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