Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Saves Gas, Looks Cool

Love these old Yamaha ads.  After the jump, check out some pics from this past weekend.  Took the seat and back rest off the XS 400, geek to chic!  Now to clean it up, put the seat back on and scout a cool cafe style seat for the future.  Almost there...

All stock except for the pipes.  Runs well so far...this Summer is the true test!  I'm sure I'll be working out some kinks for a few months, but man, it has some power.


  1. Looking good. Needs some drag bars or Clip-ons though IMHO. Of course Rear-sets would be a nice addition as well.
    So far as seats go you should fab up your own seat. Lots of ways to go that are reasonably easy and cheap.

    1. Yeah, I agree new handlebars are on the horizon. I was thinking about going with the Tracker look, but I don't want to chop too much off the original bike. I saw some pictures of basic original seat modification. I'll post progress tips. If you have any suggestions about bike stores online let me know!

  2. share some more old ads please!

  3. Those make cool trackers.
    The tracker seat is probably the easiest to make as well. Basically a piece of sheet metal cut and formed to the frame. Add padding and cover. Done.
    You can use fiberglass as well to make the seat pan. Lots of how-to videos out there.


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