Monday, May 13, 2013

To the Fishing Pond

Side of Barn Details

Walking to the Pond

Full of life


We headed out Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning this past weekend for some pond fishing.  The weather, despite the heavy rain early Saturday, was great.  It's a bit of a trek down to the pond and some trees blew down onto the trail.  Nothing a chainsaw couldn't fix.  

Huge cumulus clouds bobbed in the sky and a slight, brisk wind rippled the pond water.  Yielding at least 3 fish each on Saturday, we called it an afternoon and headed back--you know, to grill some meat on the grill.  The next day proved to be even better.  You wouldn't know it by the pictures, but we really did catch a few keepers.  Hope your weekend was relaxing.

Check out more photos from my weekend over on the Flickr...

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