Monday, June 24, 2013

Summer Weekend


IO Moth

What a great weekend, right?!  Well I had the chance to escape the city once again and spend some time in Northeast PA where it wasn't so muggy.  Lots of Yeungling, ice cream, grilling and sunshine.  In the top picture you'll see one of the many ice cream cones I ate this weekend.  Do you call 'em jimmies or sprinkles?  Sprinkles all the way here.   The next picture is of an IO (pronounced eye-oh) moth found in the garage Sunday morning.  The coloring is brilliant and probably a great defense mechanism.  Unfortunately the little guy seemed stunned and rather slow-going.  I put him back on the windowsill to sit and take in the sunshine.

Edit*  The Male IO is picture above.  Here's a link to both

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