Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Gmap4 Topo Maps For Your Next Hike or Paddle

August is the month--we hit the road and head up to the Adirondacks in New York for an extended weekend.  Admittedly its a very short trip as there are weeks worth of activities and adventures to experience, but alas, vacation time is hard to come by.

This year I've been giving a lot of thought to paddle adventures.  You can get in your canoe or kayak and paddle all day, never seeing the same thing twice, exploring new ponds and lakes without setting foot on the ground.  The water system is convenient, thanks mother earth!  So in an attempt to be prepared, I've started searching around for f r e e topo maps online.  Which brought me to the wonderful blog, Wood Trekker (check it out!) because he wrote a post about Gmap4!  Long story short, Gmap4 provides a few different topo terrain views (and a bunch of other options) and is helping me become the official camping know-it-all.  You know, because there's nothing better than one of those in the woods.

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