Friday, August 2, 2013

1964 Schwinn Bicycles

Having a Schwinn bike when I was a kid was a big deal.  While kids were growing like weeds and wearing every last nut and bolt off of their bikes, my parents, like many of yours I'm sure, tended to opt for the cheap department store bikes (think Wal-Mart) instead. On rainy mornings like yesterday I can't help but think how sweet it would be to cruise into work on a shiny Schwinn with a full set of fenders.  My body is getting tired of the fixed gear bicycle.  Can't beat a classic and I'll always be on the lookout for one in good shape.


  1. I was watching Peewee's movie the other day, his bike is amazing! Think that's a Schwinn isn't it? I ride single speed at the moment, it packs quite a punch.

  2. I have a W11 hanging in my garage.

    1. Is it that green tank you drive now and then?


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