Monday, November 11, 2013

Beer Review (19): 21st Amendment Fireside Chat Winter Ale

21st Amendment Fireside Chat Winter Ale | Can Details
Brewery: 21st Amendment Brewery | Beer: Fireside Chat Winter Ale| Beer Advocate Score: 78 Abv: 7.9%

I hope everyone is keeping warm, the temperatures here on the East coast are dropping and the seasonal drinks are slowly changing.  Out with the pumpkin beer and in with the spiced beers, winter warmers and thick porters and stouts.  To kick off the new season, we have the 21st Amendment's Fireside Chat Winter Ale/Warmer.  This beer pours a thick, dark beautiful color.  Deep brown and ruby-colored.  It's low carbonation allows for the flavors to sit on the tongue longer and easier.  It's spicy with heavy ginger, bitterness, caramel and mellow flavors, just the kind of brew to ease into the season.

Another great beer from the weekend...

I also had the pleasure of trying a collaboration beer this weekend, two of my favorite breweries (and the winner, in my mind of the best pumpkin beer this season: Elysian)  21st Amendment x Elysian Brewery.  It's called the "He Said Belgian-Style Tripel."  It's in a very distinctly styled can and is a Pumpkin flavored tripel.  You'll find a heavily spiced, soft tasting pumpkin-laden brew.  I could drink it forever if my body would let me.  Sadly I don't have a picture of my own, but below is what you will find on the website.  Try it before it's gone for the season!!!  If you are in Philly, check out the The Corner Foodery on 17th and Sansom.

He Said Belgian-Style Tripal | Click For Larger
Brewery: 21st Amendment Brewery x Elysian Brewery | Beer: He Said Belgian-Style Tripel| Beer Advocate Score: 84 Abv: 8.2%

Read more about it (here)


  1. Beer collaboration...never heard of tis before but I welcome it. Interesting idea. Ok two to look out for, though we do get imports I doubt we'd get these. Cans don't make it over.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Ah, you're right, cans probably won't make it. See if you can find Elysian, I recommend just about anything they make. Bottle or can

  2. love the design! great review, always love your beer reviews :)

    The Young Bridget Jones


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