Monday, February 10, 2014

Beer Review (27): Anchor Brewing Co. Liberty Ale

Beer Review (26): Anchor Brewing Co. Liberty Ale
BreweryAnchor Brewing Co. | Beer: American IPA/Pale Ale-ish | Beer Advocate Score: 88 Abv: 7.00%

The word is that this beer was first brewed in 1975 in San Francisco.  Sort of an old-timer, but clearly standing the test of time.  I can see why!  This beer has a percentage of yeast and dry hops to keep you interested, and cascade hops that refresh and invigorate.  Grab some of the stubby bottles from your local corner store and enjoy!

A little bit of Anchor Brewing Co. history:

Year 1871: "Gottlieb Brekle bought an old beer-and-billiards saloon on Pacific Street near Russian Hill for $3,500, transforming it into the brewery that, twenty-five years later, would be renamed Anchor." here

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  1. I've not explored Anchor Brewing enough, only had one of theirs but I wasn't that keen. I'd give them another go, cos my brain wants to love this stuff.

    Buckets & Spades


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