Monday, March 31, 2014

Late Winter Weekends Up North

Signs of life were peaking through the browns and grey of Winter.  I gave a few thoughts to my fishing pole in the shed and the horse shoe stakes pulled out for the winter.  This weekend it rained relentlessly and didn't allow for too much exploring.  Muffin, for one of the first times ever, seemed to not mind the rain and hopped around searching for rabbits and other "sounds" in the brush.

After I left, I heard my dad got 5" of snow and colder temps all over again.  I shouldn't complain too much about the cold hanging on to us, but it's Spring.  I need fishing, motorcycles, sunshine, wind breakers and sitting on the porch.

It was nice to get away this weekend.  I have a lot of great things coming up this week and the next few months.  I should be back here more regularly and with some new stuff.  I hope ya'll had a nice weekend!


  1. What are you going to be getting up to then? Any travel? Muffins' been having the time of his life.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Heading to California for two weeks in May!


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