Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Men's Nike USA 2014/2015 Away Match Jersey

Men's Nike USA 2014/2015 Away Match Jersey
The red, white, and blue's uniform never looked so good, in my opinion.  I really dig the new away jersey design!  The smart ventilation along the ribs, the dry fit technology, mixed with old school appeal.  Anyone starting the countdown to the World Cup yet? Click here to be directed to the US Soccer Store.


  1. You imported Welsh denim to Philly?! You have Hiut jeans......that must be very rare in America. So they're too big then, did you get them altered? I'm impressed either way.

    I really like this too actually, smart, simple and modern. The England kit is nice but just one colour so kinda boring. £90 too.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Yeah, I spent a ton getting them here. Then they were too small. Returned them ($50+ later for shipping), got the next size and they were too big! GRRR! I had them altered a bit and they are snug at the waist and feel good. Still have a lot of breaking in to do.

    Yeah the kits are so expensive, but I may just buckle and get one, we'll see :)


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