Friday, September 12, 2014

A boat is a boat is a bo...guest house!

Two Swedish designers, Anders Berensson and Ulf Mejergren, of visiondivision bring us Guest Harbor. What is Guest Harbor and how did it start?  Well, according to their website, "In Sweden there are now a new building code that allows a home owner to build a 25m2 (270 square feet) additional house on their premise without a building permit. These buildings are called Attefallshus, named after the Swedish minister of housing Stefan Attefall."  

Sweden has a very rich boating culture with over 800,000 registered vessels in the country, which means a density of boats that is among the highest per capita in the world.

Restore and reuse what once was.  There's plenty of thought and a touch of whimsy behind this idea.  The very nature is perfectly in tune with showcasing Sweden's prized possessions of the past  and highlighting cultural treasures that once were.  Click here to learn more about Guest Harbor.

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