Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beer Review (35): Saranac Our Legacy IPA

Saranac Our Legacy IPA
Brewery: Saranac Brewing Co.Beer: IPA | Beer Advocate Score: 85 Abv: 6.5%

Last July we packed up our canoe and headed out to a lean-to on a peninsula off of Lower St. Regis Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  Like years past, we thought it only natural to stock up on local beers and keep them ice cold in the cooler all weekend.

Here we have Saranac's Our Legacy IPA fresh from the Coleman ice box.  It has a clean and crisp bite to it and gets better as it breathes.  Floral and toffee tones combined to form one of the better IPAs I had this summer.  Not a showstopper, but definitely not one to be overlooked.  Could surely be a regular in the fridge.  Wouldn't overshadow your food and would compliment any fishing trip well.  Mostly, this for sure is a camping beer, so go get out there!


  1. This sounds great, I'm going to see if my name knows if it's stocked in the UK.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. Cool, let me know if they have this around your parts

  2. Ooo, I'm not usually a fan of IPAs, but your review has got me intrigued. I'm not sure if they carry that in Germany though.

    1. I would be surprised if they carried it there, but interested to find out!!


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