Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Gifts for Men from UnCommonGoods

Gifts for Men, Dads, and Husbands from UnCommonGoods

A new #roundup of goods coming your way this month.  I like to plan ahead for the holidays and think through some of the gifts for various folks in my life.  So this year UnCommonGoods has really been a huge help.  They're an online retailer cataloging products from all kinds of designers, crafters, makers, small companies and other sources from all walks of life.  For every purchase made, UnCommonGoods is committed to donating $1 to the non-profit of your choice.   Learn more about their Better to Give program

What we have here is a little gift guide for the dads, husbands, or men in your life.  Guys who care about quality.  For the men who aren't afraid to hop on their long boards and grab a pack of beer on a Wednesday night, click here for gifts right up their alley.  For dads who aren't afraid to keep the annuals and perennials going strong in the garden you can start your search here.  And for the husband who is putting the final design touches on his garage or den, check out some of the best products to keep his cave looking cool.

For the men in your life who deserve a little extra, get 'em something good.

Long Boards
Great Lakes Topo Art
Fire Hose Tool Roll
Glass Guitar Picks
Terra Time Watch
Record Clock
Steampunk Coffee Mill
Upcycled Handlebar Bag
Kozo Pipe Lamp
Sommelier Beer Glasses
Birch Handle Potting Scoop

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  1. some really nice stuff on that site, but you make it easier with this!

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