Saturday, November 1, 2014

Cycling Caps

Bicycling Magazine cycling caps

Bicycling Magazine cycling caps

I recently picked up a monthly subscription to Bicycling Magazine.  Now, I'm not a lycra-wearing road cyclists, an extreme mountain biker (though I dabble), or a cross rider, but I do love reading about gear and news from the professional front.  The center fold this month could not have been more appealing, hundreds of cycling caps through the years and a nice little write up to justify the wearing and history of the cap.

I have a few caps hanging around and used to wear them in colder weather while on the dirt trails or when it rained.  I have to admit that though guys can for the most part pull off wearing the cap, it is much harder for women.  Do you agree?   Maybe I have a funny shaped head.

I've read a dozen or so articles about the history and "how to wear" guides for the old casquette.  Here's my favorite how-to guide over at Cycling Tips.

What are your thoughts on the cycling cap?  Do you wear it solely while riding?  Or is it okay to accessorize your daily wear with it?  Are you a collector?

It's raining here in these parts, but you enjoy your weekend wherever you are!

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  1. I like em but I think it's how you wear them, not saying I wear them well btw! I just bought a polka dot one by this brand

    Buckets & Spades


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