Sunday, November 16, 2014

From All Around the Web

Girard Avenue House. November 15, 2014

1. Check out this kickstarter for Hendo Hoverboards.
2. Ginger McCabe's 1977 XS400 motorcycle 
3. A really great book by Steven Johnson, The Ghost Map
4. This adorable fox photo from Nat Geo
5. In case you missed it, Philae Comet Lander info
6. This Denim shirt/jacket by Ardour
7. Mat's great photo and write up, here
8. This recipe for a sweet treat that does not require baking
9. Living vicariously through Astrid's Mallorca vacation pictures (yay film!)
10. A movie that'll make you want a pint or three.  Love this!
11. Getting cold, but I got the bike out a week ago
12. Hope you're following me on Instagram!


  1. Hoverboards, here we go! That is quite a mad kickstarters but sure has gained some interest. Thanks for the shout-out too, glad you enjoyed it.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. great links. thanks xo

    1. Thanks, Petra! Hope you are enjoying Paris~


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