Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Classic Clarks Wallabees Review

Clarks Wallabees Maple Suede

Clarks Wallabees Maple Suede | Side

Clarks Wallabees Maple Suede | Bird's Eye

About Mid-November the hunt for a new casual shoe was on.  Since my foot injury in July (broken left foot), I've needed a shoe with lots of support.  The Sperry boat shoes just would not suffice anymore.

I love the Clark Desert Boots I have, but they are all beat up and too well loved to wear to work.  So the next logical, ahem, "step" would be to browse the other Clarks offerings.  The Wallabee is a fantastic shoe.  I've taken the liberty of breaking the shoe into a couple of categories and rated it.

Support: 4/5
The crepe sole is as comfortable as can be.  Unfortunately the classic, bare bones upper offers little in the way of structural support around the top of the foot and ankle.  This is still acceptable though, not going to run a marathon in these bad boys or anything.

Color: 5/5
Use Clarks main website to determine color.  I looked on Zappos and other sites to see the accurate depiction of the Maple color and their main site was the most accurate.  The Maple color is a beautiful tan and goes with a lot of stuff.  Careful wearing new denim with these, it will bleed onto the shoe!

Toughness: 4/5 
If you have ever worn a crepe-soled shoe you know that they are indestructible.  The suede portions of the shoe are sewn together firmly and the lace holes are holding up well.  All-in-all the only other thing to do is to waterproof your suede and you're set!

Click the jump for pros and cons:

Offers a lot of cushion for my bad foot.  Can wear with jeans for a casual look.  Looks equally tasteful on men and women.  Puts a little spring in your step.

Laces are cheap, I suggest replacing once they hit the hay.  Suede upper could offer a little more in terms of structural support. Do your homework when looking at the color depictions on various sites. Over $100.  Does not keep your toes too warm in the cooler temps.

Do you own any type of Clarks shoe?   What kind of casual shoes do you wear?

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  1. I'm so/so on Wallabees actually, wouldm't wear than style myself but like them on other people. Lots of cool Clarks around these days aren't there.

    Buckets & Spades


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