Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cycling #RoundUp: Winter and Night Riding

Cycling #RoundUp: Winter and Night Riding

Be seen and heard during your next adventure aboard your trusty steed.  A couple great gadgets here to alert drivers of your presence on the road. The Proviz jacket has amazing reflective qualities at night, check out the link below to see it in action.  Not too steeply priced for a waterproof cycling shell either.

1. Japanese Brass Bell - $19.90
2. Fly6 Rear Light and Camera - $249.00
3. Proviz Cycling Jacket - $139.99
4. Defeet High-Vis Socks - $17.00
5. Defeet High-Vis Glove Liners - $15.00
6. Cateye Front Light - $17.25
7. Nite Ize SpokeLit - $8.00

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