Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Beer Review (44): Weyerbacher Brewery Verboten Belgian-Style Pale Ale

BreweryWeyerbacher Brewing Co. BeerBelgian-Style Pale Ale | Beer Advocate Score: 85 Abv: 5.9%

Muffin The Dog felt she and I deserved a bit of R&R after a couple long walks.  She needed to rest her head on my lap and I needed a refreshing drink in hand.  Perfect.  Last Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day to enjoy a nice Belgian-Style Pale Ale.  One of my favorites as of late is Weyerbacher's Verboten.  It is a curiously mild beer with lots of crispiness and fluffiness in the pour.  I tasted a bit of orange and nutty caramel.  Definitely a Belgian-style beer with a lot of attitude.  You can enjoy a few without the buzz as it has a relatively low alcohol content.  Belgian-style weekend session coming up?  

Many thanks to Jen over at Glass Blasted for the custom nonic pint glass!  Find out more about them here.  

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