Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yosemite: Hetch Hetchy & Beyond...

Do you see the Rattlesnake?????

The first couple of pictures were taken in Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite National Park.  The rest of the pictures are from vistas overlooking the valley and from the Vernal Falls/Nevada Falls hike on day two.

Since my visit in 2014 (here) a lot has changed in the general landscape of Yosemite.  Namely, as a result of the drought, waterfalls weren't violently flowing, the Merced river was a tiny stream and driving into the valley was very different from the year earlier.  That's not to say that Yosemite is any less beautiful, but the differences were huge.

For anyone that is thinking about going to Yosemite, do it!  You will not be disappointed by how awesome the park is.  There's over 700,000 acres of land to explore and re-explore.  I opted to stay in a hotel outside of the park (which, the closest is about a 2 hour drive from the valley because the park is so huge).  There is organized camping in the valley but I would not suggest it.  Everyone is on top of one another and it smells like a bathroom :)

The best option would be backpacking and camping at your leisure.  There are park rules, so just adhere to them and you should be good.  The only other consideration is wildlife.  We nearly trampled a 4-5 ft. long Rattlesnake at Hetch Hetchy (see above picture).  That was a little scary especially since we were so far from help.

I look forward to going back to the park, but there are so many more in the states to see!  What do you suggest???


  1. I'd love to go, it's one of my big goals in life actually. It took me a while to spot the snake, ahh!

    Buckets & Spades

  2. Like Mat, Yosemite is one of top places I really want to visit! It looks so beautiful there. I can see the rattlesnake, it is almost camoflage!

    Katrina Sophia


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