Monday, October 19, 2015

Beer Review (51): UFO Pumpkin by Harpoon Brewery

Beer Review (51): UFO Pumpkin by Harpoon Brewery
BreweryHarpoon Brewery Beer: Pumpkin Ale | Beer Advocate Score: 82 Abv: 5.9%

Ooooh this is a delightful little pumpkin beer from Harpoon.  Light body, explosive flavor and sweet northwestern hops to get you in the spirit of Fall.  The pumpkin is present but a bit overly spiced with by usual suspects: cinnamon and nutmeg.  It's not a terrible thing though!  This is an ideal beer if you're looking for something light in body, full of spice, and with just a hint of pumpkin pie.  I actually enjoyed it a great deal despite the mediocre reviews on Beer Advocate and around the web.  It pours a golden yellow and is delicious until the last drop.

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  1. Nice yeah! I'm on the look out for pumpkin beer this week as I'm staying in Liverpool for a few days.

    Buckets & Spades


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