Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Vermont's Slopeside Syrup - UnTapped Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Born and raised in New England, preaching the gospel of maple syrup has been a passion of mine for years as a globe trotting professional cyclist. Knowing that maple syrup is one pure ingredient, and soon after learning that maple syrup is an incredibly wholesome, enriching ingredient, it didn’t take long before it was fueling my rides. Teaming up with Andrew and the Cochran cousins is a perfect match for what we are doing bringing maple to the masses! -  Ted King
Quite possibly one of the best things I've seen on the net these days!  Portable packets of Pure Vermont Maple Syrup by UnTapped to keep you fueled on the saddle, during a game of hoops, before/after a good workout, or when you need a quick, delicious pick me up. Check out this video about UnTapped's and what they hope to achieve with their productI have a feeling its going to be a good winter.  Buy Here.  Check them out on Instagram!


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