Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Gear Feature: Hats

Penfield Conway Melange Beanie Hat in Navy
WOOD WOOD Ribbed Beanie in Black


We are well into the month of January and it is finally time to don some grade-A winter gear.  Temperatures are dropping and you know you need something good to keep you warm when the winds are gusting.  If you've been a reader for some time, you know I'm a huge advocate for guys stuff, because, well, the quality is often more durable and built for wear and tear.  And it's cooler, there I said it.

I picked out my three favorite hats from a designer menswear company you will love, Infinities. Up top I'm wearing the ultra soft and warm Penfield Conway Melange hat in Navy.  It is super soft and a classic hat for winter time.  The WOOD WOOD hat in the second picture is 100% Merino Wool and really durable.  It will block out the wind and keep your head nice and warm, and it's on sale!  The third hat that I really like is the WIP Carhartt Classic Watch Tab hat.  It's big, soft, and really warm when you need the extra insulation.  You're going to need a good hat this winter, so why not take my word for it?  

What is your favorite gear for Winter?

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  1. Nice to see a photo of you, with your best buddy. Merino wool hats are so warm, I can only wear it when it's very cold. I like the Penfield one too.

    Buckets & Spades


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