Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Finland Gov't Says No Go on Guggenheim Helsinki

picture of guggenheim helsinki by moreau and kusunoki

I first saw the plans for Guggenheim Helsinki about a year ago and I was excited to follow the project.  The dark façades and sweeping pitched roofs looked like a perfect compliment to the sea, a stones throw away.  The government anticipated the cost to be  €40 million (£34 million) of public money.  While not wholly opposed to the project, the government is closing the matter and saying no to funding the project by French architecture firm, Moreau Kusunoki.  MK had a rough budget of  €130,000,000 for the entire project.  The completed project was expected to bring in a lot of revenue for Helsinki, but publicly funding this is no longer a question.  You can check out more pictures of what would have been, here.  Who knows, maybe a private funder will save the day?

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  1. It does seem like a lot of cash to be dropping on it, but things like this always lead to good things, no?

    Buckets & Spades


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