Friday, December 16, 2016

The Life To-Do List

Inspired by this blog, I decided to put together my own list of things I want to do and carry on through the new year.  Don't call it a resolution.  It's good to reflect and remind yourself of what you want/should/need to do.  

1. Read more.  It's that simple, but somehow the hardest thing for me to make time for lately.  I have a stack of books piling up at home and so many more on my wish list, yet I find I'm distracted by electronics and excuses.  Needs. To. Stop.  ::insert crosses arms girl emoji::

2. Cook more, save money. I have never been one to eat out a lot. Somehow that took a turn mid-Summer and I find myself at Whole Foods *treating myself* more often than not in the prepared foods section. AND now my local Whole Foods has a bar, Noodle Stand, Dizengoff and much, much more. Phew! I've been buying bulk goods, making a little schedule, and saving some, ahem *dough*. Thanks to Budget Bytes.

3. Build a better commuter bike, increase activity, & acquire *summer bod*.  My current bike commute, when I'm not being weak and driving, is a 10 mile round trip adventure.  It's a very easy ride and relatively flat.  I come from just north of Center City Philadelphia (Fairmount) to deeeeeeep South Philly (Navy Yard).  It's manageable and makes me feel so productive and alert.  For 8 years I've been riding a very dependable fixed-gear bike.  I'm certainly keeping her for quick jaunts, but these legs are achy and they just wanna freewheel! Oh, the frame I have was gifted from a colleague: Schwinn Circuit.

4. Learn more, solve problems.  Some of you may know I've been tackling a second undergrad degree, very slowly, at night, in Civil Engineering.  There have been road blocks and schedule conflicts, but I'm going to keep on chugging.  Take classes when I can and read more when I can't.  This is kinda like #1, but still a goal I have to remind myself of periodically.  About halfway there...

5.  Be relentless.  Just attack everything with all I have and be tenacious.  Nobody is going to do it for you.  Be fierce and achieve your goals.  Aside from Beyonce, these pictures represent the kinda fierceness I'm aiming for.


  1. I'd actually really like to hear more about the courses and subjects you study, it always seems very interesting to me.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I'm working on a second degree in civil engineering! Life and money keep holding me up, but I keep chugging away at it.


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