Friday, December 2, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide

Selection of Winter Wish List items for Christmas
It's that time of year when being home, making good food, and day dreaming about winter sports is perfectly satisfying.  Time to cozy up in your favorite pair of sweats, make some tea, and re-watch the entire Bridget Jones' Diary set, right?!

I'm going cross country skiing next week and I'm getting all antsy with planning and logistics. Here's a list of things I'd be into this holiday season. Hope my dad is reading this because baby can't afford to buy herself a Leica this year,

Blundstone Boots
Helle Knife
Leica Camera
Nigel Slater Cookbook
Gardner's Seeds
Weyerbacher Merry Monks Beer
Gardner's Knife
Succulent Plants
Cadbury Chocolate
Ritter Chocolate
Cross Country Ski Package
Black Watch Shirt


  1. Check out Rossi Boots... Still made in AUS and more affordable, surprisingly.

    1. Whew! what is this new world you've introduced me toooooo


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