Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We get it, Winter

It's been one of those long, lingery winters that just never seem to have an end in sight. Until they do, then you wear short sleeves on ONE bike ride, and the next day the Mid-Atlantic region is being annihilated by at least 6 inches of snow.  Here in Philadelphia we were supposed to get 8-12 inches of the fluffy white, but I woke up this morning to ~4 inches and sleet.  Lovely.  Also, yes, I had to go to work.  Me and the 10 other people in the city that had to go.  My car slipped around and I bought myself a chocolate bar to ease my inner, angry dialogue.  Yes, I'm an emotional eater.

I didn't take any pictures of the mess the snow has made, but I did have a few shots from a month or so ago on my camera.  I cut two cords of firewood with my dad.  You know, for all those lucky bastards that love being warm in the longgggg winter months,

Stay warm. Spring is right around the corner.

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