Thursday, April 6, 2017

Beer Review (56): Saison au Miel by Left Hand Brewing Company

BreweryLeft Hand Brewing Company BeerSaison/Farmhouse | Beer Advocate Score: In Review Abv: 6.80%

It's one of my favorite beer seasons of the year.  I long for the fragrant and spicy beer to hit the shelves with the intent to pound a can after a long bike ride or a stroll in the spring sunshine.  The Saison au Miel by Left Hand caught my eye and I popped one out of the beer fridge.  Part of the sell was that it came in a 16oz can and I was a thirsty gal that day.  Carbonation was low, color a nice gold, and the taste sweet and spicy.  With the addition of honey in the recipe, I think it really toned down some of my favorite things about a saison, the spice!  So a little sweeter than expected, but sort of a welcomed change.  I'd definitely try it again pair it with a salad or something crisp and fresh.  Let's see if a rating comes down the line soon!

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