Thursday, January 10, 2019

Glen Onoko Falls

To ring in the new year it was decided a hiking trip was in the cards. Just about 90 minutes from Philadelphia is a quaint little town called Jim Thorpe. The Lehigh river runs through the town, Lehigh Gorge State Park, and Glen Onoko Falls. There are a million websites and blogs out there telling you how best to travel to and thru the park, so I'll save the tips. The hike itself was unexpectedly challenging.  After parking the car, crossing underneath the bridge (hang a right when you decend the steps) and up the falls side of the trail first, I could feel my heart ticking rather quickly.  Some parts of the trail required being down on all fours, strategically picking foot holds, and maneuvering up alongside the humming waterfall. The trees, even in winter, were fabulous in the overcast and moody day. We opted to do the loop which would normally be around 3.5 miles, but we accidentally took the shortcut (2.7 mi) and missed the overlook at the top. Rookie mistake, but a reason to go back and enjoy it during another season!

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