Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every now and then I stumble upon something really cool.  Never before has story writing piqued my interests like this.  I'm sure it's been done, been blogged and written about a million times, but it's news to me and I absolutely love it.  -->

The Ministry of Stories is super fascinating and can only really get justice by following this link and reading some of the stories written.  While the idea may have bloomed in the states, a store like this one has never been done before.  If I'm wrong, link me!  Sharing the roof with the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, these two interesting endeavors thrive.

 The team at We Made This Ltd. is pulling off some of the coolest designs for their shop and the Ministry of Stories.  Behind the bookcases of goods is the entrance into the MoS:

There is a short BBC write-up and video about the business.  You can view it here.  
Oh, right, I forgot to mention that this is across the pond in London.  

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