Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jean Prouvé: industrial beauty
 jean prouvé defined himself as a 'constructor', and le corbusier - one of the many architects who worked with prouvé - 
called him the architect-engineer

'industrial beauty' is an exhibition which is dedicated to the french engineer, artisan and designer jean prouvé (1901-1984). 
curated by architect norman foster and professor of architecture projects luís fernández-galiano

alongside original drawings, the show includes a large number of pieces of furniture, scale models, fragments of buildings 
and even '6x6 house', a prefab emergency housing for refugees from the second world war. the objects and documents on view, many for the first time in spain, come from the collections of centre georges pompidou (paris), he archives départementales de meurthe-et-moselle (nancy) and galerie patric seguin (seguin).

kiosk design,1930

a founding member of the union of modern artists, active in the french resistance, mayor of nancy (france), 
director of a factory self-run by over 300 workers in maxéville, teacher at the conservatoire national des arts et métier in paris, independent consultant… jean prouvé's career is a prime example of engagement with the technological and social advances of his time.

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